Safety First Double Stroller Guide

If you have two young children, or if you are a go-getter when it comes to taking care of other children, a double stroller can be a godsend.

However, knowing how to properly and safely choose a double stroller is important. To help readers out, we have put together this safety guide that breaks down the five most essential areas to consider before purchasing a high-quality double stroller.

Double Stroller Safety Guide

Check The Weight Capacity

More than anything else, you need a double stroller that can handle the weight of two children safely. Thankfully, almost every double stroller comes with weight limits for each individual seat.

In general, you should never invest in a double stroller that does not have, at least, a weight capacity of 35 pounds for each seat. This way, you can continue to care for children with the product well into their late toddler years.

Never Skimp on Wheels

Wheels are the most important part of keeping your double stroller safe, and comfortable to push around. If you have wheels that constantly get stuck, or that have a poor brake system, it can cause handling issues.
After all, you don’t want the double jogging stroller to roll away as you are taking a break from pushing.

Never Skimp on Wheels

Use The Right Brand Names

Best double strollers come with the ability to put a car seat into them. Due to this, you should always invest in the double stroller model that matches your car seat brand if possible. By doing this, you ensure the car seat will be secured safely into the seat when you make the transition out of the car.

Are You Ready for All Terrains?

If you live in a varied environment, you want a double stroller that can handle everything from light gravel to grass. While the wheels are important to handle this task, you also need to consider the overall shock-absorption features.
Especially if you live in a rough area terrain-wise, you need a double stroller with high-quality shock absorption technology and materials.

Are You Ready for All Terrains

Keep Out of The Sun

Children’s skin is much more sensitive than that of adults. To help prevent their skin from drying out, you need a decent canopy over the two seats of your double stroller use.

Some models even have SPF protection built into the canopies. By investing in this technology, you make the ride more comfortable for the children, and you allow your mind to rest easy concerning the potential dangers of sun exposure.

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