In Step Safari Double Swivel Stroller Review

The Stroller market is congested, and the competition is fierce, so when I heard that the InStep Safari offered something different and more appealing to active parents; I wanted to see if this was true. Could it really swivel around corners with ease?

Where the safety features up to par? Was it really as comfortable as InStep Safari Swivel had suggested? And how good were the tires? I decided to put it through a few tests, and the following InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller Review is an account of what I found out.

In Step Safari Double Swivel Stroller

Features of the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller

In Step Safari Double Swivel Stroller is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Swivel Double Stroller as one of the best on our double stroller List.

The Wheels

The Instep Safari Double stroller has 12-inch front wheels and 16 inch back wheels, with the rear wheels being pneumatic. This is important because Pneumatic wheels use air pressure to absorb shock, making for a smoother, safer ride. This means parents will be able to walk and jog on all terrains while their babies are completely safe.


Instep Safari Double stroller has placed a lot of thought into the design of this product, and one really sees this in the spring suspension, which assists the pneumatic tires in creating a very easy ride. Spring suspensions are often absent from strollers, but really make a difference when you’re going over a bump, further absorbing shock for increased safety.

Rubberized Handle

For those new parents, who have never bought a twin stroller, this might seem like a small thing, but the most seasoned buyers will know that handles can often be very uncomfortable and on long walks, hands can begin to hurt.

The handle on the Instep Safari Double Stroller is encased in thick rubber, providing much-needed cushioning, while parents are still able to maintain a tight grip.

Unique Canopy Control

Imagine your walking with your child, and because you turned a corner, the sun is now hitting both of you from a different direction. This Instep Safari Stroller can happen regularly on a walk, and sunlight directly blazing into the eyes often disturbs small children, but thus far, stroller manufacturers have not come up with a solution, except to stop and adjust the canopy.

This can be time-consuming, but with the InStep Safari double jogging stroller, parents can adjust the canopy with one hand while walking. The canopy swivels 180 degrees; certainly, this was the most impressive feature for me.


Encouraging to parents will be the weight of this Instep Safari stroller. At only 30 pounds walking and jogging is made particularly easy and it’s actually a great achievement they kept to weight so low, considering how good the design is. Most strollers are double this weight.


The assembly can be done very easily, with the wheel representing the only problem, although I completed the assembly in just over 5 minutes, so the Instep Safari Stroller is one of the faster set-ups on the market. The design, I should point out, looks expensive and can support the weight of two 50 pound infants, so once assembled, should last for years.


On many Strollers, parents have to stop and bend down to adjust the front wheel in order to lock it for the more uneven terrains. Refreshingly, the Instep Safari Stroller can change from a swiveling wheel to a locked front wheel in seconds, at the push of a button, conveniently placed close to the handlebars.

I found the wheel swivel to be easy to operate and conducive to relaxed walking. Ease of use is a theme of this design, with deep cup holders and Mp3 speakers also included.

Final Thoughts

InStep, one feels, has kept in mind at all times during the production of this stroller, the practical issues parents face while taking babies out.

The Lightweight frame help takes away that extra drag, the cup holders are very convenient, the pneumatic tires and spring suspension create the peace of mind, that children are always safe, while the rubberized handles help walking become a comfortable experience. The Verdict: This is a great buying choice and one that I’d recommend.

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