Inglesina USA Twin Swift Stroller Review

For parents of two children, life can be stressful enough, so they want their stroller to be practical, lightweight, and most importantly stress-free. If it looks good, consider that a bonus, but the main goal is a relaxing walk or jog. But there are so many available these days, that it becomes almost impossible to make a choice.

Well, that’s where I come in; I’m going to move behind the manufacturer’s description, breaking through the jargon, to give you an in-depth look at how one Double Stroller really works. This is the Inglesina USA Twin Swift Stroller Review.

Inglesina USA Twin Swift Stroller

Features of the Inglesina USA Twin Swift Stroller

Inglesina USA Twin Swift Stroller is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put USA Twin Swift Stroller is a one of the best in our double stroller List.

Soft Handles

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. There’s nothing worse than buying a Best Double Stroller, taking it out, and finding it’s so wide that the handles are a real stretch to hold.

Inglesina has solved this problem by manufacturing handles that turn in, meeting the hands of the walker, for an easy, natural grip. They’re also incredibly soft, so you won’t feel any strain holding them. There are three handles, instead of the usual two, with one conveniently placed in the middle, enabling buyers to decide how they stroll.

Adjustable Hoods

A theme of the USA Twin Swift double stroller is easy solutions to common problems, and this trend continues with the adjustable hoods. With most strollers, you get two hoods, one for each child, and they can be adjusted according to need.

This is excellent, but what if one child needs more shade, while the other is enjoying the sun? With the USA Twin, you can make as many individual adjustments as you want on each hood. So, you’re getting two completely separate hoods, for two children with different requirements.

Reclining Seats

The seats have the same individual adjustments as the hoods. What if one of your children wants to sleep, while the other is wide awake enjoying the day? The USA Twin allows you to recline one child back to sleep, while the other can remain completely upright.

5-Point Harness

Incidentally, quite impressively, 5-point harnesses are used by teams in Nascar and Indycar, because they’re the safest harness systems out there. A 5-point harness is one with 5 straps: two are located at the shoulders, while another two can be wrapped around the waist, while one more secures the crotch area.

This is the ultimate safety solution, but there’s flexibility here too, with parents able to loosen or tighten the harness, as they see fit.

Top Quality Wheels

Have you ever turned a corner and felt a slight judder on your stroller? This happens because wheels set to swivel, don’t immediately lock into place again. On the Inglesina USA Twin Swift Stroller wheels will always lock into place straight away for a smooth ride.

There are six sets of wheels, and they’re built to absorb shock, thus complementing the 5-point harness safety addition. The key is the diameter, and at 5.7 inches, it’s thick enough to go over bumps easily, taking rocks in their stride, so the children remain relaxed.

Lots of Storage

The storage pockets could have been bigger, and indeed are bigger on other double strollers, but they do offer excellent space, for mobile phones, bags, wallets, diapers, and bottles. The two pockets underneath each seat can store up to 6.6 pounds of whatever items you need to be stored.

Lightweight and Compact

Stroller manufacturers face a constant battle to produce strollers that are lightweight, and small enough to be easy to push, while still being large enough to hold two children comfortably.

It’s a tough job, but Inglesina have done is perfect, and the USA Twin weighs in at only 28 pounds, with the measurements being 29 inches of width, by 43 inches of height, by 30 inches of depth, when open.

When closed this is reduced to an impressive 18 inches of weight, by 41 inches of height, and a depth of 11 inches. That’s a serious reduction in size when folded up, which makes the USA Twin very easy to store.

Final Thoughts

A lot of time has been spent by Inglesina, to prepare a stroller that has none of the usual flaws associated with strollers. Even twins are two different children, with different likes and dislikes, so it’s about time a stroller like this came along, with two different seat mechanisms, enabling parents to adjust each one according to each child’s needs.

Safety is there too, with the 5-point harness, and the locking wheels, but they’ve gone that extra mile by including all this, on a best double stroller that is lightweight and compact an excellent buying choice.

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