How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

It is quite common that women put on weight after giving birth to a baby. It is this time where one must be extremely conscious about keeping the weight in check while breastfeeding. You have brought to your home the newborn baby, nothing less than a bundle of joy to you and your family.

You have set on a journey which includes feeding schedules, breast pads, best breast milk storage bags, and pumping. But you are also invariably attracted to your post-pregnancy dresses and want to shed those extra kilos you have put due to pregnancy.

Renee Kam, a spokesperson for the Australian Breastfeeding Association, asserts that it is completely okay to lose weight while breastfeeding. But it’s important that the mother takes it slow and steady while getting back to the earlier shape.

While breastfeeding it is better to shed weight eventually by using proper food habits and extra exercises that a pregnant woman can do. It is said that losing around half a kilo in a week is usually safe for the breastfeeding moms.

The food habits, mainly, must be concentrated on a few diets which promise quick weight loss can be highly risky as they are imbalanced regarding required nutrition.

How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

How Much Should More Food I Consume?

Well, this is one of the common questions we come across put up by moms. Well, it is a known fact that producing breast milk is an energy consuming phenomenon. However, new mothers must spend some excess energy to provide a sufficient supply of milk for the baby.

It is known that a minimum of 500 extra calories per day is required for those who are breastfeeding. Though it is sensible to fix to a diet and let natural weight loss possibilities to breastfeeding process, it is imperative that you do not lower your calorie intake while you are breastfeeding.

Hence, do not cut down your diet but instead consume more food that will provide enough energy for the production of breast milk. You could also stick with 1800 calorie plan.

Control the Craving

Most of the moms develop intense craving and hunger pangs, and this especially happens after they have been through exhausting night feeds. These are the times that moms should start controlling their craving for foods like cookies and cakes, but instead concentrate on healthy food like fruits and vegetables.

Craving for junk food must be avoided, and a healthy diet is to be followed. Besides, moms also feel very thirsty during breastfeeding, and they end up drinking gallons of water which aren’t advisable. Experts suggest that the mom better drinks water according to the thirst and avoid excess water consumption.

Control the Craving

What to Avoid?

You should be very much aware that your diet is going to be the one that covers your baby’s needs for nutrition as your breast milk is its only supplement initially. Alcohol consumption is a very risky affair as alcohol goes directly into breast milk. So, alcohol consumption is strictly not advised.

Even if you do drink, make sure it is after the feed. And few of the herbal remedies you resort to might be harmful to the baby. Hence, make sure to check with your doctor before administering the remedies.

Healthy Diet Is A Must While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers need a drive of iron, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and iodine. The most appropriate way to serve the need for iron content while breastfeeding is to include iron-rich food as part of your regular diet. These may include red meat, fish, eggs and lentils, green leafy vegetables, and whole grain bread and also cereals.

Healthy Diet Is A Must While Breastfeeding

Things to Take Care Of While You Are Losing Weight during Breastfeeding

Stop Hitting the Super Market Whenever You Are Hungry or Tired

We quite often find new moms going through the supermarket shopping loads of cookies, chocolates and other food supplements. It usually happens when they are having the food craving and a drive of hogging loads and loads of food. You better not do this. Only hit the supermarket when you are in need of a food supplement like bread or milk.

Walk in the Morning

Never feel lazy to get up and take a walk early in the morning. Women usually procrastinate walks during pregnancy, but this will only result in extra kilos in your body.

Pack Healthy Snacks in the Nappy Bag

Your nappy bag should not only be filled with baby supplies like wipes and toys but also contain a healthy range of snacks like vegetable sticks and sandwiches which will take care of your food requirements.

Freeze and Reheat

Women usually have the tendency to call up and order pizzas for the evening if they’ve skipped the meals. You must know this isn’t completely a healthy habit. You could rather freeze the home-cooked food and reheat it later whenever you felt like having food.

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