Guide to Different Types of Stroller

Right from the beginning till when a child can walk at age 3 or 4, a stroller is vital. In cases where parents walk long distances, strollers are usable until the child is 7 or even eight years old.

With the varieties of strollers in the markets, one may get confused on the type to buy, like best pack and play. Many factors should be considered including where you live, your budget, where you plan to push the stroller and if you will use public transport or a private car.

For example, if you prefer long urban walks then a sturdy stroller that can easily maneuver over curbs, through shops and public transport is your choice, but if you live a suburban lifestyle or a general car-dependent life, then one that can easily fold to fit the vehicle is preferable.

A simple car seat frame for younger babies will do if you use the stroller to do quick errands, a lightweight stroller will be the best for older kids. An outdoors person may prefer the best jogging stroller to fit their hiking or running routine.

All these may result in you buying so many types of strollers, and as the child grows, size becomes an issue too.

Different Types of Strollers Which One Your Need

In the market today there are six types of strollers to choose from:

Guide to Different Types of Stroller

Standard Strollers

It comes in different designs and styles, but all are designed to have a comfortable padded seat that has different recline positions to allow for the baby’s comfortable sleep. They are built with sunshades and a storage area under the seat.

Some will have the baby facing forward while in others the child faces the person pushing. Some have the capability to shift from one orientation to the other. They range from simple strollers to those loaded with features. They have a big maneuverable wheel and an adapter for the car seat.

Car Seat Stroller Frames

Are made of lightweight metal specifically designed to carry selected infant car seats. You just need to remove the car seat and snap it into the frame and roll away. Very convenient when you want to transfer a sleeping baby out of the car without disturbing it.

The strollers are easy to fold up to fit into the trunk of the car and will serve you till when the baby outgrows their car seat. This is used between 6 to 12 months during the infancy stage.

It is inexpensive, compact, and weighs only 11 to 16 lbs, very convenient for a mother who cannot yet carry heavy things.

Travel Systems Stroller

It is not a stroller but a bundle package combining a car seat and another strolling item that carries the convertible car seat. It is a standard or jogging stroller combined with a matching car seat. They are large, heavier, and can be used once the baby outgrows the infant car seat.

Travel Systems Stroller

Lightweight Strollers

Designed for toddlers and older babies, these umbrella strollers usually weigh about 12 pounds. With less padding compared to the ones used by infants, these types are less expensive and less adjustable.

The stroller has large air-filled shock absorbers making them suitable for joggers as they reduce the impact of rough roads, bumps, and curbs and can roll straight when jogging.

Jogging Strollers

Built with a lightweight frame and three wheels, this stroller delivers a very smooth ride both for the one pushing and the baby. They are recommended if you like taking long walks, hikes in the woods or running. Some can carry more than one child.

They move well uphill and over curbs, but their size makes them difficult to move through stores, up and down stairs and do not fold up as compact as the other types. If the baby is below six months, you may have to buy an additional adapter to fit a car seat into it.

Jogging Strollers

Double and Triple Strollers

This stroller has the advantage of allowing a parent to push more than one child at once. There are a side-by-side design and one where a baby sits behind the other. It is very suitable if you have twins or a baby and an older sibling.

It is favorable since it does not weight twice that of a single hence the convenience. Buying a tandem orientation stroller can allow for maneuvering through tight spaces like public transportation and stores.

When planning to buy a stroller, it is advisable to split the periods into two and buy a stroller for each of these periods. From birth until six months and from 6 months until the baby is three-plus years.

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