Fisher-Price Jumperoo Review- For Your Baby

When it comes to your baby’s ongoing development, stimulation, safety, and fun, Fisher-Price has always managed to introduce new and original toys. Enhancing playtime, keeping curious minds active, and helping with auditory and visual senses are just a handful of the ways they aid your baby’s progress.

Full of amazing sights and sounds, The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo offers all that your baby needs allowing your little explorer to have hours of fun and pleasure.

Arguably, the best baby jumper around for babies who are able to hold their head up unassisted and are unable to climb out or walk.

A whole lot of bouncing and jolly jumping fun than ever all wrapped up in this brilliant space-saving, toys with 3 position height adjustment.

Fisher Price Jumperoo


  • A sturdy, newly-designed frame, allowing it to be opened from the top
  • Promoting comfort and security for the baby, a fully rotating seat allows the baby to safely play from any side of the jumper
  • The super seat has a wonderful range of toys overhead and all around including a clear spinning bead ball, a tiger playing hide and seek, a vine-swinging monkey, a colorful parrot, a lizard that spins and makes rattling sounds, and a fabulous bobbling elephant.
  • The Jumperoo also includes a frog teether chew toy and a bundle of chips with sweet, cute graphics that baby can take time to explore. When the baby engages in natural twisting, kicking, and jumping actions, the baby will giggle and gurgle with delight as the seat bounces up and down.
  • Three colorful rings can be slid back and forth on a clacker ring bar and a baby can click away on a cute turtle.
  • The various toys at five different locations on the platform engage the baby in a full circle.
  • The actions of the baby when in the jumper make things happen, in turn helping the baby to learn about cause and effect.
  • Lights, motion, and music are included on a colorful rainbow light-up key piano.
  • Variety of textured toys assist the baby with excellent tactile stimulation.
  • An electronic toy at the front, which baby can activate by spinning a drum.
  • Two sound settings quiet and loud.
  • Soft spring covers keep baby’s precious little fingers safe.
  • With this baby jumper, there is no doorway required.
  • Three adjustable height positions ensuring a custom fit and continued use as it grows with baby.
  • The advantage of an overhead canopy’ in the form of two soft leaves extending from the top of the frame with dangling toys that baby can bat and swipe during playtime.
  • Children are rewarded with lights and sounds when they jump with the inclusion of a motion sensor.
  • Hands-on activity to play, spinning, and jumping in this baby jumper will encourage the development of the baby’s motor skills.
  • Folds flat for portability and space-saving storage. When not in use in a particular room, the Jumperoo can be carried into another room or tucked away until needed again. You can also store the removable toy bar flat too.
  • The toy is better for mum and dad and offers them peace of mind knowing that baby is having great fun whilst playing safely.
  • The seat pad is fully washable and tumbles dryer safe.
  • The assembled product is approximately 32″ W x 37″ D. In its lowest setting, it measures approx. 38″ H; in its highest, approx. 43″ H.
  • Requires 3 AA’ batteries.

Only for babies who are can hold their head up unassisted and are unable to climb out or walk. Not to be used on elevated or slippery surfaces.

Do you want to add some bounce to the playtime of your pre-walking baby? If yes, then buy the best baby jumper for your little one.

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