Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller Review

One among the features that make the Indie Twin Stroller from Bumbleride unique is the truth that it offers two independent, completely adjustable seats, such that both are reclined and have variable footrests that function separately from one another.

This means that your kid can sit erect with his/ her feet at an angle, and you can lay the seat of your baby down and lift the footrest for optimum comfort.

Irrespective of your body height, the Indie Twin Stroller can have room for your height, with a modifiable handlebar that varies from 25 to 43 inches. You can regulate the handlebar according to your needs, in addition, to exercise the attached safety wristband while jogging.

Moreover, this double stroller is designed with a simple-to-use foot brake for any moment you need to have a break from your strolling or jogging. It moves up and down with minimum effort, not like other analogous strollers that need substantial pressure to lock or unlock.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

Features of the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put best Indie Twin Stroller is a one of the best in our Double Stroller List.

The Indie Twin Stroller from Bumbleride is frivolous in design that weighs only 34 pounds (15.5 kg). It has been designed to accommodate two kids each having a body weight of 90 pounds (41 kg).

This foldable type stroller assumes dimensions 32″ (L) x 29.5″ (B) x 15″ (H), so it will not occupy much space in your home when folded. Some of the other elite features of this stroller include:

Bumper Bar

This double stroller from Bumbleride comes with a bumper bar, which is available on each seat for your kids to hold. This Indie Twin stroller also comes equipped with a common car seat adapter, so you can keep your infant in the stroller right in his or her car seat, beside the big sister or brother, and stroll along.

Undercarriage Storage Area

The Indie Twin double stroller comes with a sufficient undercarriage storage area. With two children comes a lot of things, and it spared nothing to provide a huge storage area that can fit a massive diaper bag for two, petite camera bag, sippy cups, snacks and some sweatshirts.

Each of the two sunshades also has a small zippered pocket for storage, which is the ideal spot to store cell phones, keys, and wallets.


Each canopy of this Bumbleride Indie twin stroller is bigger in size, such that when completely extended, it will cover approximately the whole seat. The canopy offers the necessary SPF 45 protection, and features a net peekaboo window on top, as well, so you can keep an eye on your kids during your stroll.

Your kids will continue safe and cool from the sun when the canopy wraps them, and each canopy is separately adjustable, so one kid can be covered completely, and the other can take pleasure in the sun.


This Indie twin stroller features four 12-inch air tires. These tires offer a smooth ride, both on road and off road conditions by means of the back suspension and two front revolving tires.

Five-Point Breakaway Harness

Your kids will continue safely during your jogging outings by means of a five-point breakaway harness that keeps them safely inside their independent seats. The Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller is available with a water bottle container that can connect to both sides of the stroller, so you can keep on hydrated while staying healthy, with ease.

Fabric and Colors

The Indie Twin stroller from Bumbleride will delight you by means of the seven gorgeous color options to decide. The external fabric is tough and prepared from 50 percent reprocessed PET, and the soft internal fabric is prepared from 50 percent bamboo charcoal that assists control the temperature and absorbs humidity.

Final Verdict

The Indie Twin stroller from Bumbleride is intended for the growing family, and with these families, come more mechanism, snacks, bags and surprises. The elite features and multi-adaptable seats of this stroller assist to keep each little one comfortable at the same time, its smooth-riding 12-inch air-inflated tires slither them over any land.

It is outfitted with a back suspension for outside treks and its thin 29-inch silhouette maneuvers effortlessly through doorways. Overall, the Indie Twin Stroller from Bumbleride is an all-land jogging stroller, which is sufficiently versatile for everyday use.

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